Vacuum-forming product lines

Food container: for meal, cake, desert, dumplings with stuffs, fast-food, eggs, fruit, also table wares.
.Varied case, cover or box for the products, fixed box, and lining blister for gift boxes.
.POP board for specific advertisement purpose
.Designed calendar with cartoon pictures。
.Slip blister with insert card for retail hardware、electronic products、telecommunication instruments、
    sport equipment、stationery、make-up and so on
.A serving tray for packing arrangement for small goods, small electronic components, computer
    products with same shape.
.Hanging foldable blister and tri-foldable blister with stand and handing for retail, such as manual
    tools, electronic and computer products.
.2-pieces (front/rear) blister packages for wholesale and logistic products, that use high-frequency,
    ultrasonic waves、thermo genetic sealing in order to prevent burglary, keep new and display.
.High-frequency proceeding blister for stationery package, pencil/crayon packages, tapes box, CD
    box that use high-frequency according with plastic leather, paper card, and handgrip
.Collecting box for storage.
.Packing box by automation for medicines
.Other same shape and big quantities packing materials that used to be a buffer for goods protection
    and delivery.
.Parts materials for specific objective and purpose.


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