SONG SHI MEI, established in 2003, is not only a professional vacuum-forming manufacturer, but also devoted to varied types of hanging packing boxes, which are made of PS, PET, PVC plastic materials, heating up into transparent packing boxes. We especially focus on quality control, therefore, all our equipments and hydraulic cutting machines are state-of-the-art. Due to mold design by computerized system control we particularly are proficient at molding and packing design with our professional ability. Would be very appreciated we can be your consideration and receive any advises from you.

Company summary

Established Date:Aug. 2003
Capital:over NT10,000,000
Factory area and facilities:130pings for 1st floor as the production 
    area,160 pings for 2nd floor as available area. Moving to a new
    factory building with new automatic shaping machines and high-
    speed hydraulic cutting machines, which are used to produce high
    quality, high efficiency, and low cost products for customers.
Employees:14 people
Company characteristic:All design, sample making, and molding are
    completed by computerized system control.
ISO 9001:2000: Registration No: QAIC/TW/50034


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